Pakistan’s growing Manufacturers and Trading corporation

World’s leading Manufacturers and Trading Industry, deployed in the exports and imports of the Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Polymers and food products.

We thrive and excel in manufacturing the world’s finest agricultural, industrial and food textile fabrics by the state of the art technology.?

Reliance Petrochem Industries is vastly experienced and well researched with the skilled experts in the modern era that meet the technical framework of the food industry.
Our credibility is our commitment to our quality work.

What we do?

RPI has years behind the field of designing and producing top drawer packaging to protect food from external contamination not only that we exclusively adept in designing Purell anti-bacterial packaging.

Free from the elements of bacteria, dust, ultraviolet radiation as well as water resistance.

The raw materials used, abide the framework for direct food contact.


Quality assurance certified by LABORDATA, Germany
International Materials Testing Institute.

Safe for operation. Certified by LABORDATA according to ISO 21898


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